Who we are

Our company was established in Alexandria of Imathia. Since then we exclusively have been providing the beefoods Apifonda –Apiinvert –Neopol in greek market contributing to honey production by selling beefoods of excellent  quality.

The person who believed in the beefoods Apifonda-Apiinvert-Neopol and brought them to Greece was my father, George Zountsas. Being a chemist himself, with studies and PhD in Germany, and as an expert in the field of sugar, assessed the excellence of these beefoods.  They are produced in Germany by Südzucker, one of the biggest zugar companies in Europe and are delivered all over the world.

My mother being the founder of the company, as a couple with my father, they both believed in the high quality of the foods and step by step the launched these foods to the bee keepers  in Greece gaining their confidence and their appreciation. Our relationship with the bee keepers is  bidirectional. We provide them with high quality foods and excellent service and they trust us and show us their confidence. We thank them for all these years of our cooperation.

The company Zountsa Elena S.A. is a family business.  I grew up in it and with my parents as my companions we provide the best to the bee keepers. We are always at the disposal of our clients.

Beefoods Apifonda – Apiinvert-Neopol are guaranteed for the bee keepers, keep bees in excellent condition during winter, keep the bees strong and healthy and as a result the highest production of honey.

You should prefer our beefoods for the the best sustenance of the bees.

With regards,

Elena Zountsa