Privacy Policy

At we operate in compliance with national and EU legislation.

The processing of personal data is done according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), any more specific national and European legislation for specific segments, the current Greek legislation for the protection of personal data, as well as for the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA).

For this reason, we could not fail to adopt the corresponding Privacy Policy (hereinafter “PP”), to inform you about the Company’s policy regarding your personal data, which you voluntarily share with us. Through the Privacy Policy, you are allowed to know the purpose of processing your personal data, the category of recipients and the procedures you can follow to exercise your legal rights.

Authority in charge

The responsible authority for the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data by the meaning of Greek law and legislation on the protection of personal data is the company:


BRANCH OFFICE: 11 St Ethnikis Antistasis, Alexandria, Imathia, ZIP Code 59300
Mrs. Zountsa Elena Stella is appointed responsible for their processing.

Definition of personal data

Personal Data is any information that refers to the data subject, i.e. any natural person to whom the data refers and whose identity is known or can be verified. Such information includes, for example, the name, address, date of birth and gender of the member, mobile phone number, e-mail address and user details, such as username, password and IP address. Personal data shall be processed lawfully and in a transparent manner for the data subject (“legality, objectivity and transparency”), collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes.

Collection and use of personal data

Our company does not collect your personal data, unless you have provided it clearly, voluntarily and for a specific purpose and provided that you have given your consent to their use.

In particular, you voluntarily disclose your personal data to us when you create an account on our website, when you make a remote purchase through our online store, or by using our call center, when you register to receive a newsletter via email, and when participating in surveys, contests or ask for information about our products or the progress of your market or finally when you exercise your rights as a consumer.

We store, use or transmit/disclose your personal data only if you give your consent to it and only to the extent necessary according to the purpose of processing and in the context of your communication and transactions with us, and the improvement of the services provided to you.

To register as a member and create an account you will need to voluntarily submit to us your: name, surname, complete address, contact phone number, email address and password.

In order to complete the purchase from our online store, you will also need to voluntarily submit to us your: shipping address of the order and type of document you prefer (receipt, invoice) as well as your tax data in case you prefer an Invoice. Moreover, users / visitors of the website are given the opportunity, optionally, by registering in the respective application, to receive information about new products as well as the existing offers via email to the submitted e-mail address. By selecting this option, the visitor / user certifies the completeness, correctness and truth of the necessary contact information while undertaking the obligation to update them in case of change, so that they are kept complete, correct, true and valid. In case of will to withdraw from this option, the visitor / user must contact the company and state in written their will.

Password, username and generally the account of the members is personal and unique for each member, who is fully responsible for the actions performed from his account. Members must make careful use of their account as well as a formal exit from it. The company is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the inability of members to respect and follow these guidelines.

The above disclosure of the data constitutes unconditional acceptance of the terms of storage and use of the data, otherwise the visitor must refrain from completing them.

It is made clear that during your browsing in our online store you are not asked for any of your personal information.

How long your data is stored

The data provided by you will be kept / stored by us only for the period of time required for the fulfillment of the purpose for which you have submitted your data to us and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

If you have given us your explicit consent to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes (subscribe to the Newsletter), we will use your data for this purpose until you revoke your consent. It goes without saying that you can revoke your consent at any time with future effect.

Data sharing

Our company commits not to disclose the personal data of users / visitors to third parties without their consent, in addition to the notifications required by law in any relevant procedure. However, when processing your request, you have the right to disclose the necessary personal information to the companies with which it cooperates (inside and outside the European Union), as well as to its employees and employees of the companies cooperating with it, who have access to these information with the license of the company and who need to know or have access to this information for the execution of services (such as customer service and delivery of orders) in the interest of the buyer. In any case, we require by all our partners to process your personal data in accordance with our standards and this privacy policy, as well as the legal regulations for the processing of order data. Otherwise, and without your explicit consent, we will not pass on your personal data to third parties or disclose it for any purpose or use. However, we reserve the right to disclose information about you if we are required to do so by law or if we are notified by law enforc


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Personal Data of Minors

We expressly state our intention not to collect data on minors. However, if the minority of the user is not noticed, parents or guardians are kindly requested to inform us without delay, so that we can delete this data immediately.

Rights of Data Subject

You may at any time, free of charge, object to the use of your personal data for the future, request the complete deletion of it, or request information about the data stored by us about your person or the correction of it. You must be a registered user on our site. So if you are a registered user, you can see the available options regarding your personal data, through the area of your account and specifically from the section “My Privacy Tools / GDPR”. Otherwise, you can contact us at the details on the contact page.

Update and modification

The Company reserves the right to modify / update individual parts of this privacy policy, without the obligation to inform you in advance. Please always read the privacy policy before using our website to be informed of the current version of the policy in the event of any modifications or updates.